Eastern Love Making Videos

Eastern Love Making Videos

When the dull mist of sameness and unhappiness tops your bedroom, you have a number of options: find a buff, seek recommendation in a mag, or reach a sex healer, try feng shui tricks for augmenting erotic energy in your house, see a sex shop and gird yourself with lubricants, latex and cuffs, or commit yourself to the traditional ability of love making Tantra. We live in a world in which there are progressively a lot of divorces, and in the opinion of some statistical data, in eighty p.c of long human relationship there is no longer any love between mates. After the 1st hot love and bodily and emotional closeness, it seems that amongst pairs who have been together for a long time there is a gradual weakening of mutual will and love. We needed to find out why this is so and how we will compound and keep the sense of emotional and bodily connection, so we talked to the healer and sexologist Davor Stancic, the leader of a Tantra Club. Love is the most vital project in life. The rest can but does not have to be!The east system of love stops the chilling down and shortage of sexual desire that comes in extended human relationships and marriages. Davor Stancic.

The Western way of making love is typically to find fault for pairs going through a chilling down of relations, less will and the end of love expounded Stancic. Devastating hormonal changes. When we head into closeness, the levels of endocrines in charge of contentment and joy ascend, which are oxytocin, dopamine and endorphin. After the climax, or reaching a local climax, which with men is ejaculation, and with girls a clitoral climax, their levels all of a sudden fall. Also, the Western system of making love is such that after an climax, with both sexes, the level of the hormone prolaktin boosts, which creates a sense of vacancy, remotion and iciness. After sex, it is the high level of prolaktin that makes men to not wish to hug and talk with their mates, but it’s also in charge of post-coital depression and tough emotions with both sexes. The Western way of making love is the main element that heads to the absence of love, closeness and sexual dissatisfaction with pairs that were together for a long time, says Davor Stancic. Reach a climax with your whole body We all need as much love and fervour as practical in life. Stancic says that this can be achieved by a smart advance that deals with the issue with a deeper way that classic advice such as : playing sexual games, putting on costumes and similar. Western sexology, according to my thought, does not realize at all why after a number of years in wedding the love and will vanishes claimed Stancic, who studied the differences between the Western and so called Eastern techniques of making love.

Rather than a local climax, Tantra teaches the way to reach an sexual climax with the entire body. With this strategy, after climax the levels of oxytocin, dopamine and endorphin remain the same, while the levels of prolaktin remain low. pairs that practice tantric sex achieve bigger emotional connectedness and a higher level of sexual joy. The cause of this is that while practicing the Eastern strategy of love making, males and females don’t lose energy, and it definitely influences the entire psycho-physical individual consultations, as well as consultations for pairs. It is made up of five hours of conversation that happens during 2-3 visits. Thru conversation, those curious are informed of tantric exercises and the fundamentals of tantric sex. Besides consultations, Stancic has prepared books and DVDs for independent learning.

Learning does not take long Girls are made in such a way that they don’t need long to be taught how to experience a total, or full body climax. With ladies it lasts a fortnight. weeks. For men it’s a little tighter, because ejaculation is a reflex action. However, exercising for 10-15 mins a day, men can feel a difference after a few weeks. After some months they can experience an climax with the whole body, but without ejaculation. Learning to control the ejaculation is similar to the process where tiny kids learn to hold peeing. In the east, ejaculation without intent is in the least considered to be rude recounted Stancic. We found out from the head of the tantra club that there is a great concern for it when he started to push it in Croatia in 1994 and 1995, after which the public concern fell.

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